sample log on script to add network drive and shortcut

I am posting a working bat file to automate network drive and shortcut for AD users. This bat file works excellent if you desire to push network drive through AD logon script. You can copy these in a notepad and save it as filename.bat  and put this bat file  in \\yourserver\sysvol\yourdomainname\scripts  folder.

Here is sample file.

@echo off

echo !   _________________________     !  

echo !                                 !

echo !    MAPPING NETWORK DRIVES       ! 

echo !                                 !  

echo !    * * * LEAVE OPEN * * *       ! 


echo !                                 ! 

echo !  _________________________      ! 

net use r: \\yourserver\data


copy “\\yourserver\data\Shortcuts\company policy.lnk” “C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Desktop\”

Here \\yourserver\data is the path of the folder. Make sure you got appropriate permission setup in network drive i.e. NTFS permission applied in the folder you want to use as network drive. Now go to Active Directory users and computers. Select number of users or individual user and right click on selected and click on to properties. Go to profile and type filename.bat  in log on script box.

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