how to deploy Adobe CS3 Applications silently

Here is how to silently install Adobe CS3 i.e., Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash and Dreamwever. It is tested and works perfect for me. I deployed using script not using GPO.

I copied the installation files into a network folder , then amend the setup.xml file that reside in the payloads folder. Open setup.xml using notepad, and inside between <Payloads> and </Payload> limiters, find entries like <Payload folder=”AdobeALMAnchorServiceAll”>Adobe CS3</Payload> Here, Adobe CS3 is the folder name where setup.exe resides. Change Adobe CS3 to current folder name.

Next, in the payloads folders, select the main application folder. say Photoshop, it should be AdobePhotoshop10en_US_volume. Inside, select file that end with ….proxy.xml. it should be AdobePhotoshop10en_US_volume.proxy.xml. Edit using notepad. find  <Requires> entry in the xml file, and delete all the entries between <Requires> and </Requires>, including <Requires> and </Requires> limiters.

Now, go to setup root folder where setup.exe resides, from command prompt type: setup.exe –record=1

This will perform a record of the installation without actually installing the apps. From here, you can also select which of the options you want installed. It will create install and remove xml file. I renamed them as install.xml and remove.xml and copied to network setup folder

Now, copy the following xml in a notepad and save  as application.xml.override file inside the application payload folder. Application.xml.override file located in adobe cs\payload folder

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<Data key=”Serial” protected=”0″>12345XX</Data>
<Data key=”Registration”>Suppress</Data>
<Data key=”EULA”>Suppress</Data>
<Data key=”Updates”>Suppress</Data>


Here 12345XXXXX is serial no.

Now I open a notepad and write list of netbios name of xp machine in one column and save the file as desktop.txt

I created a bat file named deploy.bat containing the following command

@echo off

“\\servername\AdobeCS3\Adobe CS3\setup.exe” –mode=silent –deploymentFile=”\\servername\AdobeCS3\install.xml”

save desktop.txt and deploy.bat file in a directory

Now go to that directory from command prompt

Type and wait until copied

FOR /F %i in (c:\desktop.txt) DO COPY Deploy.bat \\%i\c$ /Y

Type again

FOR /F %i in (c:\desktop.txt) DO AT \\%i 17:00 c:\Deploy.bat


Here setup will start silently @17.00

Good luck

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