Move RIS from old server to new

Scenario: Consider present infrastructure got AD, DNS, DHCP and RIS. DHCP and RIS installed in old server. You bought new server that required to move RIS and DHCP. This is how, you can accomplish your objective. Consider ServerA will be decommissioned as RIS and ServerB will be commissioned as RIS.

Step1 Backup DHCP

Step2 Copy all RIS images from ServerA  from separate storage \\ServerA\REMINST\Setup\English\Images

you can use XCOPY Source destination /Y /X /O /E /H /K /C from command prompt.

Step3 Stop DHCP and RIS services in ServerA

Step4 Install new server i.e. ServerB and Patch up

Step5 install DHCP in ServerB, restore DHCP from backup and start DHCP service

Step6 install RIS from add/remove windows component and run RIS setup

Step 7 delete *.pnf files from \\ServerB\REMINST\Setup\Images folder

Step 8 Copy all previous image using XCOPY command to new server i.e. \\ServerB\REMINST\Setup\Images folder

Step9 restart RIS service or reboot new RIS server

You are ready to go.

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