Active Directory health check

Events View

Check event log in all DCs to find everything ok specifically DNS, system and Application events.


This is a must and will always tell you if there is trouble with DCs and/or services associated with it


This will let me know if there are issues with the networking portion on the DC.

Netsh dhcp show server

This command identify DHCP in in AD infrastructure.

Repadmin /showreps

This shows all replication among DCs.

repadmin /replsum /errorsonly

reapadmin /syncall /AdeP

This will identify any issues with replication among DCs.

Active Directory DNS Check

Dnslint /ad domain_controller_ip_address /s dns_server_ip_address

third-party tools

Manage Engine AD Manager Plus, Wise Soft Bulk user Admin, Solarwinds Engineer’s toolset, Active Directory Cleaner are very handy tools to monitor and manage Active Directory.

These are little things that give me peace of mind. I reckon “assume nothing, believe nothing, check everything…..” is the best way to prevent disaster.

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