How to create answer file for windows 7 WDS client

Download and install Windows 7 AIK on admin PC or WDS server

Open windows system image manager>File>New Answer File>Yes

Browse>select install.wim file>yes

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Now modify according to your need. you may delete unnecessary catalogs. If you are using existing image then you don’t need to use create partition option. Modify partition is ok. You must keep join domain catalog.  Also it doesn’t hurt anybody if you mention product key. Don’t mention domain credential in log in catalog then it will not ask domain credential after pressing F12. It’s unsafe. Now save this file in WDS server in WDS_unattended folder. 

You may also create answer file using sample answer file provided in %WINDIR%\program files\Windows AIK>Samples. In this case, don’t modify original. Copy original and paste>rename>modify and use it.

Now, Systems Admin can 🙂

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