Windows Server 2008: Windows Server Update Services Role–Step by Step Guide

Windows Server Update Services is now part of Windows Server 2008 Role. Installation made more easy for geeks and deployment technicians. Prerequisite and procedures are pretty same as before.  I have written in my previous blog how to deploy Microsoft update Services using WSUS and Group Policy Object.  WSUS SP2 installation and GPO deployment instruction. Read my previous installation instruction and follow WSUS SP2 installation on windows server 2008 SP2 as mentioned in screen shots. I hope, these should help you deploying WSUS in Win2k8 and Windows 7 environment.

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12 thoughts on “Windows Server 2008: Windows Server Update Services Role–Step by Step Guide

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  2. Labas, norėjau paklaust, ar galima wsus diegti ant vieno serverio ir paskiau priskirti jam kitą domain ? ir kad iš jo susirinktu kompiuterius?



  3. Ok 🙂

    Hello again 🙂 I would like to know, if it possible to install wsus on one server but not on that one where domain is, and then to see all domain computers in wsus ?

    I have one pc whit wsus – also one of domain pc
    Second pc is domain
    but i can’t see domain computers in wsus console


  4. Hey raihan thanks for the help to configure WSUS . i did with same procedure but m didn’t get the client computer. can you help me more.. please reply


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