Windows Deployment Services: How to create deployable bootable ISO using WDS and AIK

A bootable ISO is created from an existing WDS boot image and capture image that contains Windows PE and the WDS client can be stored on DVD or CD making it easier to deploy images to older systems or on heterogeneous networks that have PXE issues. To accomplish discover image process, you must have a working WDS in network and Windows 7 AIK installed in WDS server. Log on to WDS server using domain admin credential and follow the screen shots.

1 2

Create a folder in e:\DiscoverBootImage or whatever drive you have and provide FQDN of WDS

3 4

Now you have e:\DiscoverBootImage\WDSDiscover.WIM . Open Start menu>Microsoft Windows AIK>Deployment Tools Command Prompt>Type CopyPe x86 E:\DiscoverBootImage\Winpe and wait for completion


In the same command prompt type

Copy /y E:\DiscoverBootImage\WDSDiscover.WIM

To write WIM file to ISO type following

oscdimg –n –bE:\DiscoverBootImage\Winpe\ISO\Boot\
E:\DiscoverBootImage\Winpe\ISO E:\DiscoverBootImage\boot.ISO

Now you have created ISO boot image. Burn this ISO on a CD or DVD and boot client machine using this cd and deploy images.

 6 7 8


2 thoughts on “Windows Deployment Services: How to create deployable bootable ISO using WDS and AIK

  1. hello! i have made a bootable cd on this step by step description. i made an image with sysprep on a pc and then i transfered the image with the bootable cd to the wds server. now the problem is that i went to another pc and wanted to download the image from the wds server, but i only got the windows which allows to upload an image, but i don´t get a window to download an image from the wds! it would be very nice when you know the answer of my problem!



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