Riprep Image to WDS WIM conversion error

I found an error while converting  Riprep Image to WDS WIM file. If you are having same trouble doing conversion. Here is a little solutions for you.


An error occurred while trying to execute the command.
Error Code: 0xC103014B
Error Description: Wdsmgmt could not load a required library.  If this is a version of Windows prior to Vista, please install the OPK/WAIK toolkit and ensure that drvstore.dll and cmiv2.dll are in the path.

Why it happens? WDSUTIL looks for drvstore.dll , cmiv2.dll and xmllite.dll file in %windir%\system32 folder. When it fails to locate these files it gives an error code:0xC103014B even though Windows AIK is installed in WDS server.


You must install Windows AIK and Copy drvstore.dll , cmiv2.dll and xmllite.dll files from %windir%\Program files\Windows AIK\Tools\Servicing to %windir%\system32

Now open command prompt and run  wdsutil /convert-RiprepImage /filepath:SourcePath\riprep.sif /destinationimage /filepath:destination path\FileName.wim 

Screenshot: Before copying those files to %windir%\system32


Screenshot: after resolving issue


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