Windows Deployment Services:How to resolve “uploading image to WDS Server The System Cannot find the file specified”

I was stuck for hours and scratching my head to find out a solution of this problem. I googled heaps but outcome is zero. Here, I will show you how to resolve this issue.

Issue: When you uploading image in windows deployment services, it start uploading however in few seconds it stops with error “ The System Cannot find the file specified”

Why it happens? This is an weird problem I have ever seen. What it says in error practically not that case. You will not find any event log for this error in event viewer. It happens for WDS mixed-mode  server. It shows that error for several reasons.

Disk Space in system partition and drive:Remoteinstall aren’t enough

Disk space for TEMP /TMP folder in %userprofile%usernameLocal SettingsTEMP aren’t enough

Mixed-Mode WDS not configured properly


As I said this is a weird error though I have enough space in both partition still I got that error.  However, I did followings to resolve my problem.

Must have more then enough space in C: drive and Remoteinstall partition. Remember Microsoft Windows needs extra disk space for Pagefile, shared memory for RAM,  temp folder and on top of that disk space for WDS WIM file in TEMP folder of system partition. Also you need enough disk space for Drive:remoteinstalltemp folder.

Empty temp folder as shown below


Check Temp folder configuration. System Property>Environment variables. You must point TEMP folder to %Windir%Documents and Settings%USERPROFILE%Local SettingsTEMP.

2 3

You must see these four .bcd files in remoteinstalltemp folder after you add boot.wim and winpe.wim image otherwise WDS will not work properly. DO NOT DELETE THESE FILES.


Type WDSUTIL /set-server /DefaultX86X64ImageType:both on command prompt to set WDS boot and read x64 and x86 format image.

Add separate image group for the image you are loading.


Install Windows 7 AIK in WDS Server and copy drvstore.dll , cmiv2.dll and xmllite.dll files from %windir%Program filesWindows AIKToolsServicing to %windir%system32

Patch up WDS server from site or WSUS

Now reboot server and you are laughing.

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