how to install HP branded brocade HBA on ESX 4.1

Step1: Place ESX Host into maintenance mode

Log on to ESX host using vSphere 4.1 Client and place Host into maintenance mode.


Step2: HBA Bios Upgrade (Only for HP Proliant G7): To perform an offline BIOS update on an HP-branded Brocade HBA card that has been installed on the VMware vSphere ESX 4.1 host system follow the steps as below:

  • Download HBA live cd from Offline BIOS Upgrade Installation kit for HP branded Brocade HBAs
  • Create a CD from the Offline BIOS Upgrade Installation ISO image.
  • Insert the CD into the CD/DVD drive or mount ISO using iLO and then boot the system.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts and instructions to boot.
  • Access the system command shell so that you can issue BCU commands.
  • Use one of the following commands to update the HBA boot code:
  • To update HBA boot code in all adapters in the server, enter the BCU command:
  • # #bcu boot –upload brocade_adapter_boot_fw_v2-1-1-0 -a
  • To update HBA boot code in a single adapter, enter the BCU command:
    # bcu boot –upload 1 brocade_adapter_boot_fw_v2-1-1-0
  • Reboot the system.


  • 1 is the adapter_id HBA if you have multiple HBA.
  • brocade_adapter_boot_fw_v2-1-1-0 is the name of the firmware image file.
  • -a indicates that the boot code should be uploaded to all installed Brocade HBAs on the host.

Step3: Install HBA Driver


  • Download and install VMware vSphere CLI
  • Open CLI and change directory to C:Program FilesVMwareVMware vSphere CLIbin
  • Server –-username root –-password Password1 -–install –-bundle
  • Reboot ESX Host Server
  • Log on to ESX host using vSphere Client
  • Click Configuration>click Storage Adapters>Rescan and you will be presented with FC HBA


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