Fix Powershell Warning and Enhance Active Directory by installing Active Directory Web Service

Microsoft AD Management Gateway Service provides a Web service interface to Active Directory domains and instances of Active Directory LDS or Active Directory Application Mode that are running on a Domain controller as the Active Directory Management Gateway Service. You can install the Active Directory Management Gateway Service on domain controllers running on Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2, Windows Server 2003 SP2, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 SP2.

You also need AD web service to remedy following Powershell error.  



Installing System pre-requisites:

  • Active Directory Domain Services installed
  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
  • Hotfix KB969166 for NetFx3.5SP1 System.DirectoryServices QFE Roll-Up for AD Web
  • Service from
  • Hotfix KB969429 for windows server 2003
  • Hotfix for KB967574 for windows server 2008
  • Download Active Directory Web Services

Installing Active Directory Web Services:

  • Based on your DC’s operating system version, simply double click on Windows5.2-KB968934-x64.exe or Windows5.2-KB968934-x86.exe or Windows6.0-KB968934-x64.msu or Windows6.0-KB968934-x86.msu, accept EUAL and install AD Web services.
  • Reboot domain controller

Bug fix for the following error:

C:WINDOWSAssemblyGAC_MSILSystem.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement is Less Than 3.5.30729.4126

0.188: Second Condition in Prereq.CheckSDSAMQFEInstalled.Section Failed

0.188: Condition Check for Line 4 of PreRequisite returned FALSE

0.188: ReadStringFromInf: UpdSpGetLineText failed: 0xe0000102

0.188: KB968934 Setup encountered an error:  Setup cannot continue because one or more prerequisites required to install KB968934 failed. For More details check the Log File c:windowsKB968934.log

0.204: ReadStringFromInf: UpdSpGetLineText failed: 0xe0000102

Fix: Download and install NetFx3.5SP1 System.DirectoryServices QFE Roll-Up for AD Web Service from KB969166

Bug Fix if the following error occurred

When attempting to start the service they got “Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly.”  When rebooting, they saw ADWS Event ID 1002 in the ADWS Logs that said: “Active Directory Web Services could not initialize its endpoints. A networking error could have occurred.”

To fix this we need to modify the Microsoft.ActiveDirectory.WebServices.exe.config file found in the %Windir%ADWS directory. You’ll need to add the following lines into the <AppSettings> section. Be sure that its between the <appSettings> and </appSettings> section boundaries…

<add key=”DebugLevel” value=”Info” />

<add key=”DebugLogFile” value=”c:windowsdebugadws.log” />

Valid values for the DebugLevel value are:

0 – No logging

1 – Error (this logs critical errors only)

2 – Warn (this logs warning events as well as error events) – Recommended value to use unless you need full tracing

3 – Info (verbose)

Use strings rather than numbers, so just to be clear, type “Info” between the quotes instead of “3” for example. Once this is done, you’ll see some new events trigger in the ADWS Event log, and then you’ll see the ADWS.log start to populate with diagnostics info.

Finalize installation:

  • Check %Windir% KB969429.log for any error
  • Check Event log for any warning, error or info. After successful installation, you will find the following event in AD web services event log.
  •  Re-run PowerShell AD comdlet to test that warning has gone.

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