Deploy Lync 2010 Director Server


Before you deploy Lync Server 2010, ensure that your infrastructure meets the following requirements:

  • Domain controller is running Windows Server 2008 R2 configured as a domain controller, DNS server, and certification authority (CA).
  • Standard Edition Server is running Windows Server 2008 R2 on which you will install Lync Server 2010.
  • Prepare and publish Lync director in Microsoft Active Directory 
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system installed 
  • IIS Installed
  • .NET 3.5 SP1 installed.
  • Microsoft Silverlight browser plug-in installed
  • Active Directory Administrative tools feature installed
  • Service Account with member of domain admin, CSAdministrator and RTCUniversalServerAdmins
  • SQL Native client installed from Lync media by double clicking SQLNCLI.EXE

Step1: Install the Local Configuration Store

Open the Lync Server Deployment Wizard. On the Deployment Wizard page, click Install or Update Lync Server System


On the Lync Server 2010 page, next to Step1: Install Local Configuration Store, click Run


On the Local Server Configuration page, ensure that the Retrieve configuration automatically from the Central Management Store option is selected, and then click Next.



When the Local Server Configuration installation is complete, click Finish.

Step2: Install Lync Server components Open the Lync Server Deployment Wizard, click Install or Update Lync Server System then on Step 2: Setup or Remove Lync Server Components, click Run.

On the Setup Lync Server Components page, click Next to set up components as defined in the published topology. When Lync Server components setup completes, click Finish.

If you are prompted to restart the computer (which may be required if Windows Media Format Runtime was not already installed on the computer), do so, repeat Step 2 in the Deployment Wizard, and when it successfully completes, click Finish

Step3: Install Certificates In the Lync Server Deployment Wizard, next to Step 3: Request, Install or Assign Certificates, click Run. On the Certificate Wizard page, click Request. On the Certificate Request page, click Next.


6 - Copy

On the Delayed or Immediate Requests page, accept the default Send the request immediately option, and then click Next. The internal CA with automatic online enrollment must be available.


On the Choose a Certification Authority (CA) page, accept the default. On the Certification Authority Account page, click Next. On the Specify Alternate Certificate Template page, click Next.

8 - Copy

On the Name and Security Settings page, for Friendly Name enter cert, accept the remaining defaults, and then click Next. On the Organization Information page, optionally provide organization information, and then click Next. On the Geographical Information page, optionally provide geographical information, and then click Next.



On the Subject Name / Subject Alternate Names page, click Next. On the SIP Domain setting page, select the SIP Domain and then click Next. On the Configure Additional Subject Alternate Names page, click Next.



On the Certificate Request Summary page, click Next.


On the Executing Commands page, click Next. On the Online Certificate Request Status page, click Finish.


On the Certificate Assignment page, click Next. On the Certificate Assignment Summary page, click Next.



On the Executing Commands page, click Finish.


When finished, and on the Certificate Wizard page, click Close.

Step4 Start Services In the Lync Server Deployment Wizard, on the Lync Server 2010 page, click the Run button next to Step 4: Start Services.


On the Start Services page, click Next to start the Lync Server services on the server.


On the Executing Commands page, after all services have started successfully, click Finish.

9 thoughts on “Deploy Lync 2010 Director Server

  1. Thanks for the tutorial… sorry if the question which i am gonna ask if very basic…
    i have a hosted exchange setup… running ..that too with ur tutorial help only…
    now the next step is to deploy lync as a service for our tenant org.. along with that sharepoint as service…but in both cases i am not able to understand from where to start… if you can please look at below and answer me the following …
    1. Where to start for both…
    2. Pre-Requisite (All is windows 2008)
    3. Features & configuration which as a service provider we can give to our tenants..
    4. the tutorial above talks about lync directory server.. is this different from setting up lync server.. and it talk about the installation .. is there any configuration part also.. to setup lync services… along with hosted environment…
    i know its bit too much too ask.. but i just need a way ahead.. an idea to move .. if you can please advice/help


    • Step1: Plan using Lync planning Tool
      Step2:Build Topology and publish
      step3:Deploy Front End or Standard Lync Server
      step4: Deploy Director
      Step5:Deploy Edge—I will publish blog soon please be patience
      Step6:Configure FF TMG 2010
      Step7:Administer and enable Lync using
      Step8:Configure Cisco/Avaya IP-PBX
      Step9:Deploy Lync Client using GPO or SCCM 2007
      Step10:Configure GPO for Lync
      Step11:Configure Exchange UC hosted or local doesnt matter


  2. hey,
    thanks for Your article,
    but I have some question according to reading that,
    there’s nicely spoken about to install and deploy a lync FE server, but I can’t see anything about lync director role, is there any article according to lync director server as in the topic ? 🙂


      • yes, that’s correct,
        but as I see it’s about to deploy lync FE server but I’m searching something about to deploy lync director role,
        and next I’m searching some about to deploy edge server with TMG reverse proxy,
        aby help will be appreciate 🙂

        and thanks for your reply, Raihan


  3. I though the director was only need for entrerprise edition when we have one or more pool front end, no ?
    Can you tell me what is the configuration on DNS to use director ?

    Thank you


  4. Hi Raihan Al-Beruni,

    I just deployed the Lync2010 director server.

    But not sure how to verify that it is installed properly or not.
    During installation i did not face any issue.
    Can you please give me below information:
    1) How to verify that lync director server is running or not.
    2) what are the services for director server
    3) What are the commands for installation verification.
    4) How to test???

    PS D’souzza


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