6 thoughts on “Install and Configure Forefront Identity Manager 2010—Step by Step”

  1. Thx a lot.

    I have to implement a FIM 2010 R2 test environment. All components (AD/SQL/SharePoint/Exchange/SCSM) need to be on a single server. Is it possible ?

    Could you explain step by step the installation of all prerequites ? (AD/SQL/Sharepoint/exchange/SCSM install and config)


    1. Installing everything on a single server is not recommended. It will not work. You need few virtual machines to do the job.
      1 Server for DC
      2 Servers SQL cluster. if non cluster then 1 server
      Minimum 1 server for Exchange
      SharePoint and SCSM can be placed in one server but you should not do it. Meaning you need additional two server for SharePoint and SCSM. here are guides


  2. Thx for answer, so to install a FIM test environement, i need :

    – 1 server DC
    – 1 server SQL (or 2 if cluster, but here do you think I need it ?)
    – 1 server Exchange
    – 1 server SharePoint / SCSM (or 1 SharePoint and 1 SCSM, but here do you think i need it ?)
    – 1 server FIM ? ( FIM Synchro/Service and Portal/Password Reset)

    Can’t i regroup some servers ?

    The target of my project is just to run a use case of an arrival workflow with approbation and synchronization, a leave workflow and a password reset request, using FIM on a client or editing referential.

    (Sorry but i discover the solution…)


    1. You shouldn’t install any other application on DC. Installing everything on a DC to create a test case will not be proper proof of concept. the result you will get will not be accurate or realistic. A proof of concept should look a like a production environment. otherwise what you are trying to prove is meaningless.


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