Windows Server 2012 Step by Step Book

Windows Server 2012 Step by Step

This is my first book published on December 2 2012. The following is the chapters available in detailed in the book titled “Windows Server 2012 Step by Step”

Chapter 1: Introduction to windows server 2012

Chapter 2: Installing and navigating windows server 2012

Chapter 3: Server Roles and Features

Chapter 4: Active Directory Domain Services

Chapter 5: Active Directory Certificate Services

Chapter 6: Active Directory Federation Services

Chapter 7: Active Directory Rights Management Services

Chapter 8: Networking Infrastructure

Chapter 9: Failover Clustering

Chapter 10: Remote Desktop Services

Chapter 11: Security, Protection and protection

Chapter 12: Building Private Cloud with Hyper-V

Chapter 13: Web Server (IIS)

Chapter 14: BranchCache Server configuration

Chapter 15: Routing and Remote Access Server Configuration

Chapter 16: Windows Deployment Services

Chapter 17: Windows Server Update Services

Chapter 18: Volume Activation

Chapter 19: File and Storage Services

Chapter 20: Print and Document Services

Chapter 21: Network Policy and Access Server

Chapter 22: Group Policy Object

Chapter 23: Migrating from Server 2008 to Server 2012

Chapter 24: Supporting Windows Server 2012


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