Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter: Switching from vSphere to Hyper-v Made Easy

    Are you having difficulty funding a renewal license of expensive VMware vSphere? There is an alternative brand that adds greater value to the business reducing costs, and accelerating your journey to the cloud. Making the shift from VMware to Microsoft could be the wise decision you ever made after years of working as a CIO or IS Manager. By migrating from VMware to Microsoft, you gain a unified infrastructure licensing model and simplified vendor management, off course it gives you less pain in your wallet too.
    Whether you are looking to add value to your organisation, save cost, support grown or you are a fanatical environmentalist reducing carbon foot print, Hyper-V is the correct choice for you. A move to Microsoft’s virtualization and management platform can help you better meet your business needs. Simply buying Windows Server 2012 data center, you get the cloud computing benefits of unlimited virtualization and lower costs consistently and predictably over time.
    System Center 2012 enables physical, virtual, private cloud, and public cloud management using a single platform. It offers support for multi-hypervisor management, third-party integration and process management, and deep application diagnostics and insight. You can see what is happening inside the performance of your applications, remediate issues faster, and achieve increased agility for your organization.
    With the help of free tools like Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP), and with the Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter (MVMC), you can quickly, easily and safely migrate over to Hyper-V.  For enterprise customers with large numbers of virtual machines to migrate, the Migration Automation Toolkit (MAT) provides the scalability to handle mass migrations in an automated fashion. System Center 2012 and Hyper-v Server 2012 support guest virtual machine of all major Linux and Unix distribution inclusive Microsoft OS off course.
    In a nutshell Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter:
  • Provides a quick, low-risk option for VMware customers to evaluate Hyper-V.
  • Converts VMware virtual machines to Hyper-V virtual machines.
  • Convert virtual hardware and keep same configuration of original virtual machine.
  • Supports a clean migration to Hyper-V with un-installation of VMware tools on the source virtual machine.
  • Provides GUI or scriptable CLI and Windows PowerShell, making it simple to perform virtual machine conversion.
  • Installs integration services for Windows 2003 guests that are converted to Hyper-V virtual machines.
  • Supports conversion of virtual machines from VMware vSphere 4.1 and 5.0 hosts.
  • Support migration of guest machine that is part of a failover cluster.
  • Supports offline conversions of VMware-based virtual hard disks (VMDK) to a Hyper-V-based virtual hard disk file format (.vhd file).
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