Add multiple users to Office 365 security groups using PowerShell Scripts

Step1:  Connect MSOL Services


Step2: Find out ObjectID of the Security Group you would like add members to

Get-MsolGroup –Maxresults 100000 | Where-Object {$_.DisplayName -eq “Test Security Group”}

Get-MsolGroup –ObjectId “af407072-7ae1-4b07-a0ca-6634b7396054”


Sign-in to Portal.Azure.Com and Select Azure Active Directory>Security Groups>Search the Group>Go to properties of the group and copy the ObjectID

Step3: Create a CSV file with a header UserPrincipalName and list all email addresses in one column of CSV file e.g.


Step4: Execute the PowerShell Script to add users into the Security group

Copy the script and paste it in a notepad. Rename the notepad to Add-MsolGroupMembers.PS1

Import-CSv -Path “c:\Temp\testscript.CSV” | ForEach {


$Users=Get-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName $UPN

$Groupid = Get-MsolGroup -ObjectId “0c3c9f82-2392-43cc-bc00-b0d7b5734ac4”

$Users | ForEach {Add-MsolGroupMember -GroupObjectId $GroupID.ObjectID -GroupMemberObjectId $Users.ObjectID -GroupMemberType User}


Run the scripts

Author: LM Publications

This is me.

4 thoughts on “Add multiple users to Office 365 security groups using PowerShell Scripts”

  1. HI.
    I have been trying to add member in a group in this way
    $dcli = Get-MsolUser -All -DomainName “” -Title “B”
    $dcliid = Get-MsolGroup -All | Where-Object {$_.DisplayName -eq “Deshabilitados Clinica”}
    $dcli | foreach {Add-MsolGroupMember -GroupObjectId $dcliid.ObjectId -GroupMemberObjectId $_.ObjectId -GroupMemberType User}

    But the result have been:
    Add-MsolGroupMember : You cannot update mail-enabled groups using this cmdlet. Use Exchange Online to perform this operation.

    For me it have been impossible to do, please help me


      1. Hi Raihan, thank for you answer, but I don’t understand you, I have been doig this applying several solutions located in the web but the result is always the same.
        I like explain you acroos the web meeting, is it possible?


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