How to backup and restore Cisco switch/router config in easy steps

Backup Cisco Router or Switch in a Text File

Step1: create a text file in C:\ drive or your preferred drive and name it like switch-config.txt  or your preferred name.

Step2: open command prompt and type as follows

Telnet –F c:\switch-config.txt IP-Address-of-switch


provide privilege password

#Terminal Length 0

#Show run

#Show start

#show vlan brief

Now you can exit from telnet and go to c:\ drive and open switch-config.txt to view switch/router config.

Backing Up Configuration in TFTP Server

[Router name] #copy run tftp

Address or name of remote host []? X.X.X.X (the ip address of TFTP server)

Destination filename [routername-confg]? /CiscoBackup/router1.cfg (Total path and hit enter)

Restoring a configuration from TFTP Server

[router name]# show run

[router name]#copy tftp run

Address or name of remote host []?X.X.X.X (the ip address of TFTP server)

Source filename[]?/CiscoBackup/router1.cfg (Total path and hit enter)

[router name]#show run

[router name]#show interfaces

[router name]#copy run start