Migrate Alibaba ECS VM to Azure Cloud using Azure Site Recovery Services


In my previous blog, I have written how to migrate workloads from VMware to Azure Cloud.  In this tutorial, I am going to elaborate you how to migrate Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 virtual machines (VMs) to Azure VMs by … Continue reading

Migrate SQL Server to Azure SQL Database using Database Migration Services (DMS)


The Data Migration Assistant (DMA) helps you upgrade to a modern data platform by detecting compatibility issues that can impact database functionality in your new version of SQL Server or Azure SQL Database. The Data Migration Service (DMA) lets you … Continue reading

Azure Stack Pricing Model


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Azure Stack is sold as an integrated system, with software pre-installed on validated hardware. Azure Stack comes with two operational modes—Connected and Disconnected. Connected Mode use Azure metering services with the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The Disconnected Mode does not use … Continue reading

Migrate On-premises Exchange Server to Office 365 using MigrationWiz


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Assumptions: An operational on-premises Microsoft messaging environment or an IMAP Source An operational Microsoft Office 365 tenant for Exchange Online Active Directory synchronised with Microsoft Azure Active Directory using DirSync Licenses are assigned to Active Users. There are place holder … Continue reading

On-prem to Office 365 Migration: PowerShell Script Collection


Connect to Azure Active Directory PowerShell without Password Prompt #Use Case: Log on to Office 365 tenant without typing credentials. $User=”Raihan@tenant.onmicrosoft.com” $Password=ConvertTo-SecureString -String “MyPassword” -AsPlainText -Force $O365CREDS= New-Object –TypeName “System.Management.Automation.PSCredential” –ArgumentList $User, $Password #$O365CREDS = Get-Credential -Username Raihan@tenant.OnMicrosoft.Com $SESSION = … Continue reading