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Understanding Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Virtualization

The evolution of virtualization lead to an evolution of wide range of virtualized technology including the key building block of a data center which is Network. A traditional network used be wired connection of physical switches and devices. A network … Continue reading

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Understanding Network Virtualization in SCVMM 2012 R2

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Networking in SCVMM is a communication mechanism to and from SCVMM Server, Hyper-v Hosts, Hyper-v Cluster, virtual machines, application, services, physical switches, load balancer and third party hypervisor. Functionality includes: Logical Networking of almost “Anything” hosted in SCVMM- Logical network … Continue reading

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How to implement hardware load balancer in SCVMM

The following procedure describe Network Load Balancing functionality in Microsoft SCVMM. Microsoft native NLB is automatically included into SCVMM when you install SCVMM. This procedure describe how to install and configure third party load balancer in SCVMM. Prerequisites: Microsoft System … Continue reading

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Understanding VLAN, Trunk, NIC Teaming, Virtual Switch Configuration in Hyper-v Server 2012 R2

With Server virtualization you can run multiple server instances concurrently on a single physical host; yet servers are isolated from each other and operate independently. Similarly Network virtualization provides multiple virtual network infrastructures run on the same physical network with … Continue reading

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FF TMG 2010: Configure Network Load Balancing Across Enterprise Array Members

NLB is an wonderful in built TMG feature you can utilize to balance high network traffic. you can configure network load balancing across up to eight FF TMG array members. The following is an example of FF TMG 2010 NLB … Continue reading

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FF TMG 2010: Configure ISP Redundancy— Step by Step

ISP redundancy feature utilizes multiple ISP links and provide high-availability with load balancing and failover or just failover capability to the corporate Internet. The common functionality of ISP redundancy are: Designate primary and secondary link for internet connections Balance traffic … Continue reading

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