Migrate Network Policy Server (NPS) From Windows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2012 R2


  1. Migrate to a new server with new NetBIOS Name and New IP Address
  2. Migrate to a new server retaining NetBIOS Name and IP Address

Step1: Backup NPS Server, NPS Policy & certificate

  1. Open NPS Policy Server from Server Manager>Right Click on NPS(Local)>Export Configuration.
  2. Select I am aware that I am exporting all shared secret. Click Ok>Export as a XML File into a UNC path accessible to new server.
  3. right Click on Template Management>Export Template to a File. Export as a XML File into a UNC path accessible to new server.
  4. Open MMC>Add Certificate Snap-in>Computer Account>Select Personal>Certificate>Export Certificate with Private Key.
  5. Use Windows Backup to backup NPS server. If NPS server is virtualized, then simply right click the virtual machine from Hyper-v manager and rename the machine. Now Power of the VM.

Step2: Build a new Server.

  1. Build a new server. Activate Windows. Assign TCP/IP and join to the domain.
  2. Open MMC>Add Certificate Snap-in>Computer Account>Select Personal>Certificate>Import Certificate with Private Key.
  3. From Roles and Feature Wizard>add network Policy and Services>Select NPS, NAP and Health registration services, Click Next>Select Certificate Authority>Select Certificate>Select Finish Installation.

Step3: Register NPS.

  1. If you have retained NetBIOS Name and IP Address mentioned in scenario 2 then you don’t  need to re-register. It’s already registered.
  2. If you have a different NetBIOS Name and IP address then Right Click NPS(Local)>Register NPS Server to Active Directory.

Step4: Import NPS Policies

  1. Open NPS Policy Server>right Click on NPS(Local)>Import Configuration. Point to the XML file you have exported in step1 and import the file.
  2. Right Click on Template Management>Import template from a File. Point to the XML file you have exported in step1 and import the file.

Step5: Test Client

  1. Connect a client using WIFI or VPN whichever purpose you have configured NPS.
  2. Open Event Viewer in NPS Server and Check Security log. You will see clients are connected successfully.

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