Setting up NTFS permission in file server/home drive for different active directory group/users

Download XCALS from Microsoft web site XCALS download link

Extract XCALS in c:\windows folder of your server

Create a test.cmd folder in c:\Windows folder of your server and type the following in test.cmd folder

@echo off
For /D %%A in (*) do echo y| cacls D:\Home\%%A /T /C /G “Domain Admins”:F
For /D %%A in (*) do echo y| cacls D:\Home\%%A /T /C /G /E Staff:C
For /D %%A in (*) do echo y| cacls D:\Home\%%A /T /C /G /E %%A:C
@echo on

Here Domain Admin get full rights and staff group gets Change rights. individual user gets change rights. Now go the specific folder you want to apply permission from command prompt

Type test.cmd

Don’t interrupt it will apply permissions to all folder of home drive. You modify it for your need.

Copy one folder to another retaining its NTFS permissions

Here is simple but handy command to copy a folder to another retaining all NTFS permissions

Go to command prompt and type

XCOPY \\oldserver\olddata   \\newserver\newdata  /Y /X /O /E /H /K /C


XCOPY /? to find more.