Deploy Windows 8 Enterprise using Lite Touch Deployment Method


System Requirements: Windows 8 Enterprise Version Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012 Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.5 with SP1 or later Windows PowerShell™ 2.0 or later Windows 7 Automated Installation Kit Active Directory Domain Services Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol … Continue reading

Windows Server 2012 Step by Step Book


This is my first book published on December 2 2012. The following is the chapters available in detailed in the book titled “Windows Server 2012 Step by Step” Chapter 1: Introduction to windows server 2012 Chapter 2: Installing and navigating … Continue reading

How to set computer naming policy in Windows Deployment Services (WDS)


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In old remote installation services, you have the options to customize computer name or select automatic installation while running RIS on a client. similarly, new Windows deployment services has the option for you to set naming policy in Windows Deployment … Continue reading

Windows Deployment Services:How to resolve “uploading image to WDS Server The System Cannot find the file specified”


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I was stuck for hours and scratching my head to find out a solution of this problem. I googled heaps but outcome is zero. Here, I will show you how to resolve this issue. Issue: When you uploading image in … Continue reading

Windows Deployment Services: Create and deploy multicast images


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I would like to explain a bit about IP Multicast before I start with WDS multicast image distribution because not all the organisation have existing multicast infrastructure. Still, I reckon it would be worthy to know bits and pieces of … Continue reading

Windows Deployment Services: How to create deployable bootable ISO using WDS and AIK


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A bootable ISO is created from an existing WDS boot image and capture image that contains Windows PE and the WDS client can be stored on DVD or CD making it easier to deploy images to older systems or on … Continue reading

Windows Deployment Services: How to configure Legacy or Mixed Mode or Native Mode for legacy image and Windows 7


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Windows Deployment Services (WDS) running on Windows 2008 provides many of the same features and functions of RIS, Automated Deployment Services, and Windows Server 2003 SP2 combined.  Two of the distinct features of Windows 2008 Windows Deployment Services are that … Continue reading

How to create answer file for windows 7 WDS client


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Download and install Windows 7 AIK on admin PC or WDS server Open windows system image manager>File>New Answer File>Yes Browse>select install.wim file>yes Now modify according to your need. you may delete unnecessary catalogs. If you are using existing image then … Continue reading

Deploy Windows 7 using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010……..Life is easy for Systems Admin


Have you added drivers after riprep in Windows 2003 RIS? Moreover, you prepared master pc, patched up, installed application and waited hours to do riprep. If you forgot to add a patch or application then gotcha!! Redo the whole thing … Continue reading

How to deploy custom windows 7 using windows deployment services (WDS) 2008


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Prerequisite: Windows 2008 Active Directory, DNS and DHCP Download Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) and installed in WDS server. Windows 7 DVD Step1 Install WDS in Windows 2008 Server. Navigate to Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools >Manage Server>Expand … Continue reading