How to block bandwidth intensive websites using Microsoft ISA

Users spending hours watching video and downloading mp3!!! Here is the way, you can ban those sites that are bandwidth hungry. You can add a policy in your ISA server and apply. This will save lots of download limit and speed up your internet during peak hours. 

name Action Protocols listener To Condition
Block Forbidden Sites Deny All OutBound Traffic internal Restricted Sites All Users

Open ISA management console>Tasks>Create New Access Policy







Click on Add>Domain Name Set>Type “Restricted Sites”  on Name>Add sites you want to block>click Ok




Select restricted sites and click on add



here you can add your desired group of users you want to ban, I added All Users.      


Click finish and apply. Log on to any computer using a test user placed in above mentioned group and browse restricted site. you will see it is blocked by proxy.


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