Resolved: WSUS Post Deployment Failed on Windows Server 2012


2013-11-21 09:43:36  Config file did not contain a value “ContentDirectory”
2013-11-21 09:43:36  Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.CommandException: A required configuration value was not found in the system. This is usually caused by installing WSUS through PowerShell and not specifying a configuration file. Review the article Managing WSUS Using PowerShell at TechNet Library ( for more information on the recommended steps to perform WSUS installation using PowerShell.
   at Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.PostInstall.GetConfigValue(String filename, String item)

Issue: This is a known issue on Windows Server 2012. Microsoft WSUS team posted an work around to resolve the issue.

Solution: In the WSUS server, open PowerShell, type the following depending on which database you have:

%programfiles%update servicestoolswsusutil.exe postinstall CONTENT_DIR=C:Wsus

SQL Server databases
%programfiles%update servicestoolswsusutil.exe postinstall CONTENT_DIR=C:Wsus SQL_INSTANCE_NAME=<database server name>

Here content_dir is your real directory where you would like to install WSUS and pointed that directory during WSUS installation and rest are self explanatory. Once you do that you will see output in the logs available in C:UsersthermomixadminAppDataLocalTemp directory.

2013-11-21 09:56:46 Postinstall started

2013-11-21 09:56:46 Detected role services: Api, Database, UI, Services

2013-11-21 09:56:46 Start: LoadSettingsFromParameters

2013-11-21 09:56:46 Content local is: True

2013-11-21 09:56:46 Content directory is: E:WSUS

2013-11-21 09:56:46 SQL instname is: SQL Server Name

2013-11-21 09:56:49 Value is E:WSUS

2013-11-21 09:56:49 Fetching group SIDs…

2013-11-21 09:56:49 Fetching WsusAdministratorsSid from registry store

2013-11-21 09:56:49 Value is S-1-5-2

2013-11-21 10:17:41 Saving Subscription

2013-11-21 10:17:52 Creating default subscription succeeded.

2013-11-21 10:17:54 Populating Auto-Approval Rules.

2013-11-21 10:18:18 Populating Auto-Approval Rules Succeeded.

2013-11-21 10:18:23 StartServer completed successfully.

2013-11-21 10:18:23 Marking PostInstall done for UpdateServices-Services in the registry…

2013-11-21 10:18:23 Mark initialization done in database…

2013-11-21 10:18:25 End: Run

2013-11-21 10:18:25 Postinstall completed

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