Deploy custom Office 2007 using GPO or command prompt

Copy office 2007 DVD content into \\servername\software\office12

go to the folder containing office 2007 from command prompt

type setup.exe /admin

Click ok.


Provide installation location such as



Add according to your need. You don’t need to mention the application which you don’t want to install.


type or paste product key, Accept EULA, display level none, check suppress, check none


Select office application you need, select not available on application you don’t want to install.  you must select office tools


Now click on file and save this file as custom.msp in \\servername\software\office12 folder

Create bat file, say office2007.bat write in one line

\\servername\software\office12\setup.exe /adminfile \\servername\software\office12\custom.msp

Go to GPO management in your server, expand domain, right click group policy object

Create new GPO and name it as you want say office 2007 custom

Expand group policy object, right click on office 2007 custom and Edit


double click on startup


click Add, browse and paste office2007.bat  image

press ok. Once GP refresh as set by your GPO refresh policy, it will install office 2007.

Command prompt deployment

Now open a notepad and write list of netbios name of xp machine in one column and save the file as desktop.txt

I created a bat file named deploy.bat containing the following command

@echo off

\\servername\software\office12\setup.exe /adminfile \\servername\software\office12\custom.msp

save desktop.txt and deploy.bat file in a C:\ Now go to that directory from command prompt

Type and wait until copied

FOR /F %i in (c:\desktop.txt) DO COPY Deploy.bat \\%i\c$ /Y

Type again

FOR /F %i in (c:\desktop.txt) DO AT \\%i 17:00 c:\Deploy.bat

Office 2007 will install in set time as 1700.

4 thoughts on “Deploy custom Office 2007 using GPO or command prompt

  1. Hi, I stay try to do the first option (GPO) but only the installation is successfully when log in with an administrator rights account.

    Can you help me?


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