Backup, restore or migrate Print server in easy steps

Have you added a print server to your DRP work sheet? It is absolutely necessary when you have hundreds of printers in your print server/servers. Here is a solution for backup/restore/migrate print server.

Print migration 3.1 has been replaced with printbrm.exe i.e. print management in Vista. It easy to migrate print server whether it is x64 or x86 bit print server. It is very handy tool for system admin to backup print server after adding new printers in print servers or modifying network config in printers. Vista print management will save lots of time if disaster knocks on the door. If you don’t have Windows Server 2003 R2 (inbuilt print management) and you are in catastrophe then you can restore printers in few steps and all in GUI mode if you backed up printer drivers and config.

Backup printer drivers and config

From windows vista machine, open the Administrative Tools , and then click Print Management


Right click on print management, Click Export printer queues and printer drivers to a file, and then click Next


Type name of the print server on the network then click next


You will be presented with all the available printers in print server, click next


Type the location where backup will be saved, click next


Wait until export/backup complete, click finish. Now a complete backup has been performed and saved in preferred location. Make sure you got a backup file name.printerexport


Restore /Import printer drivers and config

to restore print server to different server, open print management from administrative tools in vista machine, right click print management, select import, click next


type source of backup file i.e. name.printerexport file, click next


You will see a list of printer, you backed up, click next


Write destination print server name (netbios name) on the network, click next


Command line help for Printbrm.exe

Open command prompt, go to c:\windows\system32\spool\tools

To backup type

Printbrm.exe –B –S \\SourceServerName –F \\UNCPath\name.printerexport

To restore

Printbrm.exe -R -S \\DestinationServerName –F \\UNCPatch\name.printerExport

Printbrm.exe /?


Note: Vista print migration tool compitable with windows 2003 print server and windows 2008 print server.

8 thoughts on “Backup, restore or migrate Print server in easy steps

  1. Hi. If i Import the backup on a Windows 2008 Cluster, (the Drivers are all preinstalled), on which node should i do the Import? i took the Cluster.node, where the Spooler is installed, but i am not sure, if the ports and Printers are installed on all physical cluster-Hosts?


  2. I exported all Printer related Data from old Cluster with printbrm.exe (Windows 2003) and will Import the result into a Windows 2008 Cluster. The Drivers are pre-installed on both nodes. I am still not sure if i has to Import printbrm.exe on both physical nodes or on the Cluster node?


  3. I want to use Printbrm.exe -B in a monthly task to backup the print server. Problem is I can not overwrite the previously created .printerexport file. -O FORCE does not overwrite the file. Any ideas on how this can be achieved?


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