Configure FAX server using Windows Server 2008 and Standard Fax Modem

In this article, I am going to deploy a test fax server using windows Server 2008 Fax Server Role, Standard Fax Modem (Motorola or US Robotics) and Exchange Server Email Distribution Group. A fax server is comprised of four different components: the Fax Server role, Fax service, Fax Service Manager, and Windows Fax and Scan.  The Fax Server server role can save the fax administrator a significant amount of time. Instead of installing fax machines on client computers and managing and monitoring fax machines, you can complete those tasks in 2 or 3 steps on multiple computers simultaneously and remotely. By using Fax Service Manager with user groups, you can automatically make fax connections available to users and computers in your organization.  Note that virtualizing fax server will not be feasible because of Fax modem’s direct com port connectivity requirement with Windows Server 2008. The following are the steps require to install and configure FAX server.


Step1: Create a Distribution Group in Exchange Server that will receive fax via email

Windows Server 2012 Step by Step




Step2: Connect and Install FAX modem

Start Menu> Control Panel> double click on Phone and Modem Options, and then in the Location Information dialog, enter information for your country/region, area/city code, carrier code, information to dial an outside line, and whether you use tone or pulse dialing.









Step3: Install Fax Service Manager

Microsoft recommend that you install the Fax Server role locally and not by using a Remote Desktop connection. You can install the Fax Server role remotely, but you need to make sure that local resource sharing is turned off and type mstsc.exe /c from command prompt .

Click Start, click Administrative Tools, and then click Server Manager.

In the left pane of Server Manager, click Roles, and then in the right pane, click Add Roles.

1  2

In the Add Roles Wizard, on the Select Server Roles page, select the Fax Server check box. When you do this, a message displays that the Print and Document Services server role also needs to be installed with the Fax Server server role.



Click Add Required Role Services, and then click Next.

On the Select Fax Users page, click Add, and then type the domain and user name for groups and users that you want to have access to the fax server. Click OK, and then click Next.

6  7

On the Specify Who Can Access the Fax Server Inbox page, do one of the following and then click Next, Click All users can access the fax server inbox to give all users with access to the fax server the ability to view all received faxes. This option provides less privacy because every fax user can access all received faxes, but also requires less management.


If you chose to limit access to the inbox to routing assistants, on the Select Routing Assistants page, click Add and then type the group name or domain and user name for groups and users who you want to be members of the Routing Assistants group. Click OK and then click Next.

Continue through the wizard until you reach the Confirm Installation Selections page, and then review the choices that you made. Click Install.


To share the Fax printer that has been created, click Start, and then click Control Panel. Under Hardware, click View devices and printers. In the list of printers, right-click Fax, click Printer properties, click the Sharing tab, select Share this printer, and then type a name for the printer that you want your network users to see.



Click on Apply and OK.

Step4: Configure Fax Server to use SMTP e-mail routing

Click Start, click Administrative Tools, and then click Fax Service Manager.

In the left pane, right-click Fax, and then click Properties.


To enable incoming faxes to be routed to recipients by e-mail, click the Receipts tab


Also on the Receipts tab, click Authentication, and then, based on how your SMTP server is set up, Click Integrated Windows Authentication if NTLM authentication is needed to access the SMTP server, click Credentials, and then type a user name and password.


In the left pane, double-click Devices and Providers, double-click Devices, double-click the device you want to configure, and then click Incoming Methods.


configure the Route through e-mail method, click the E-mail tab, and then type the e-mail address to which you want incoming faxes to be delivered


After the incoming methods have been configured, in the details pane, right-click each method, and then click Enable to enable the method


In the left pane, double-click Devices and Providers, and then click Devices. In the right pane, right-click the device you want to configure, click Properties, and then click the General tab.Click Automatic Answer and click Send to enable the fax device to answer calls automatically


configure a CSID, in Called Subscriber ID (CSID), type a CSID string. This string is limited to 20 characters


In the left pane, double-click Fax, double-click Outgoing Routing, right-click Groups, point to New, and then click Group.

In the Add New Group dialog box, type a group name.  Click Yes to confirm.


In the left pane, double-click Fax, and then double-click Outgoing Routing.


Right-click Rules, point to New, and then click Rule.In Add New Rule, if you know the country/region code, type it in Country/region code. If you are not sure of the code, click Select. In the list, click a country/region, and then click OK. In Area code, select Specific to limit the rule within the selected country/region, and then type the area code, or select All areas to apply the rule to the entire country or region.

To add a new account, right-click Accounts, click New, and then click Account. In Create New Account, provide a user name and domain, and then click OK.


Click Start, click Administrative Tools, and then click Server Manager. In the left pane, double-click Configuration, double-click Local Users and Groups, and then click Groups.

To enable users to send and receive faxes using the fax server, in the right pane, double-click Fax Users, click Add, and then provide user account information.


Step5: Check Fax

image image


How to enable fax services in Windows XP

71 thoughts on “Configure FAX server using Windows Server 2008 and Standard Fax Modem

  1. Hi Raihan,
    Thank you for such a helpful hint on fax server. I’m currently working on one of the fax server project to be setup in our company. But how do you send/receive those faxes to a shared folder instead of exchange/Distribution group.And the faxes will be on a PDF format. Only restricted people will have access to that shared folder in the network(not a big deal to setup acces). Please if you could enlighten me on this it’ll would be really helpful.



  2. Hi Raihan,

    thanks for sharing your experince with us, i have been given task to install fax server using Dialogic card with 8 port of modems in them, now my problem starts here…everything works fine but i cant make use of 8 ports cause windows 2008 standard has limitation of 4 modems. is it possible to use all 8 ports.

    Thank you..


  3. Is it possible to use this method to give email2fax service?

    I mean, instead of using a shared printer/fax from server, users can send an email to a specified address (used by fax server) to send a fax? I have a software that can only produce emails, and I need to convert them in faxes….

    P.S.Sorry for my poor english


  4. Dea Raihan

    I am using GFI Faxmaker, and I would like to use Microsoft instead. What I need to know, is there a way to send a fax from remote pc as GFI. GFI Faxmaker has a didcated email that I can email it to be receive by Faxmaker, and then send it.
    Is this possible in MS Fax Server, or no?

    Thanks for your effort.



      • Thanks for your comment.
        So, with MS Fax Server, I can send my fax through email to it which contain my fax and the number that I would fax it to, then MS Fax Server will receive it and fax it to number that I emaild. Is this scenario correct?


  5. Hi There,

    Thanks for your detail setup instructions, but i have a few questions and hope you can guide me or help me get the answers i’m looking for.

    So far the server is up and running and I can open up the console and send a fax without any issues, but I am trying to accomplish the following now that the initial part is done.

    How can I setup the clients to be able to send a fax from their Microsoft outlook client? Do I need to install any connectors on exchange or the client? (MS exchange is on a different box then the fax server but on the same domain).
    Also is there a way that I can setup a folder where I can dump files as for area code+number.pdf (17523457878.pdf) and have the server automatically send those faxes out?

    Basically what I’m trying to accomplish is have automated confirmations sent to customers based on pdf files we can produce and named with the fax number or embed in the first line inside the pdf.

    Thanks in advanced for your help


  6. Hellow all,
    can someone tel me how meny faxes can i install on One server?
    even with usb hub?

    i have tried to install more than 4 faxes and all the others lost thair positon in the devices list (device manager…



  7. is it possible to set up a fax server for on a server not connected to a domain, i have a 2008 r2 server running a virtual server which hosts the domain and exchange,. the 2008 r2 machine is not actually part of the domain, i have a usb us robotics modem attached the 2008 r2 server, but i cannot seem to grant access permission to the users of the domain i wish to fax from.


  8. I have set up a Windows 2008 fax server system with A Dialogic card with 4 port of modems in them .The fax service see all 4 device, We want to have multiple fax lines so that we can assign each line to different groups to be able to send and receive faxes. is this even achievable


  9. I have successfuly setup the fax server following with your document. But sometimes fax cann’t route to my exchange mail box.


  10. Asslam o alaikom dear brother.
    I have a question that is there any need to install Exchange before installing Fax server? next question is that I have world call wirless broadband usb is it possible with this usb?pleas reply me i am waiting ur answer


    • Never Salute someone Asslam o alaikom just because name looks like from ethinic background. Please be professional when you ask something. Religion/Politics doesnt matter in IT.

      Its not necessary to install Exchange before installing FAX server. You can use whatever you got for messaging. I cannot comment about wireless broadband modem because I dont know all brand available in the market.


  11. I have installed fax services on 4 different servers (2008 R2) and none worked!
    it gives the following error:
    “Could not open a connection to the fax service.
    The fax service might not be started, or the computer name might be incorrect”

    one of the test servers was a fresh installation server ….

    what might be the problem?



  12. Dear Rihan,

    Is their a problem installing fax services on a domain controller machine running 2008 R2?

    Fax service manager gives an error when you try to start it and it says:
    “Could not open a connection to the fax service, the fax service might not be started , or the computer name might be incorrect”



  13. Helo Raihan,

    thanks for this Tutorial. We have al special FAX Server who gets Files in his Spool Directory an send´s this out. Is it possible make the Server 2008 Fax service to create only a File in a directory with a special Filename like “user_number-to-send.tiff” or something like that. Or is there a FSP to send the FAX File as SMTP to our own Mail server. From there can get them and send it to the Directory I need?

    Many thanks,



  14. Many thanks for your Reply.
    In my case I only need Outgoing fax to a Folder.
    I want to use the Fax and scan Function to have the Function on the Clients to Pront all Documents to a special Folder and the Users can giv the fax number to the File.


  15. Thanks to you, I have installed the service, and it is running, but here is the problem, I can send faxes but it is not answering the calls, I have even tried Hyper terminal to answer the calls but looks like windows does not understand ring signal.
    I have tried two modems in two windows servers.
    Modems are working in windows XP but in windows server they do nat answer anything


  16. I have setup the MS Fax server and was wondering if the following scenario is possible

    I am connecting multiple fax lines(lets say A to D) to the Fax server using the multi modem card. of course all these fax lines carry their own number. I want to the fax server to route the outgoing faxes through “Line A” if sent by X user or “Line B” if sent by Y user.

    Is this possible ?


  17. hi Raihan,
    THanks for your help.I am going to deploy fax server using win2k8 r2, we dont have exchange server.
    1) can i deploy it using our own SMTP server?
    2)is this necessary to attach the physical printer/fax machine with server?
    if not then how fax device is shown in the devices? is that virtual?
    3) can we just use server machine,modem ,line and LAN to complete the project.Means no use of fax/printer machine?
    please clarify in detail.


  18. i have server in the server room and the fax machine is built in with printer, that is placed on some other location than that of server.Means faz and server are far away.can i deploy fax server in this case? so that all the LAN users access the fax server and can use that fax machine? please reply


  19. Thank you very much for the detailed step-by-step. Before I attempt this, can multiple fax numbers and distribution groups be used? We have quite a few fax numbers and I don’t want one department receiving faxes from another.


  20. hi ,

    i have server 2008 r2, please let me know that whether i can install fax server on virtual machines or not and please tell me that what is the best modem model for microsoft fax server.i have Dell PE 710 and Dell 310.Please inform…


  21. I have the problem that our US Robotics fax can receive on WS 2008 R2, but not send. When I try to add device to group in Outgoing Routing there is no available to select.

    Anyone understanding what’s wrong???


  22. Hello Good evening, I want to inquire I configured a server looks like this in your fax manual, everything seems fine but when sending a fax does not send stays in outbox remains in retry state and extended state without answer …. I read it can be and I can not find the error. I hope you can help me



    • Just wondering whether your fax machine work with another computer? Can you send/receive fax with the same fax machine but different computer? What sort of logs you see?
      Can you please configure outbox with appropriate permission?


      • Hello, I’ll explain when I click to receive a fax now I get these events: In response to the fax call, the incoming call can not be answered as a fax call. I commented that I have connected to an analog line with their respective drivers USBRobotic


      • Hi I have a 32092 event and the category of the incoming task is all this I saw in the windows event viewer


  23. Good day Raihan,
    Here is my scenario: I want to set windows fax server to be used by multiple departments. I want them to be able to send and send faxes separately from each other. I do not want each department to be able to see each others’ incoming faxes. And I want incoming faxes to be directed to emails in each department.

    Can you guide accordingly. I have a win2008 server and email is hosted by microsoft in the cloud.

    Martin Pereira.


  24. Do you know if there a limit to the number of faxes that can be sent? Would I be able to send more than one thousand throughout the course of a week?


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